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Q Do I need any experience?
A No! Lots of members had no previous experience of being in a choir or singing. Some choir members had only ever sung in the shower before joining us!

Q Do I have to be able to read music?
A Not at all. Everything is really easy and clear to read. Parts are given out with words and music so whatever your experience there's a level to suit you.

Q How will I know which part to sing?
A It will only take a couple of minutes to work out where your natural voice lies. But if after a few weeks you want to move to a different part that's ok!


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Q Will I have to sing on my own?

A Absolutely not unless of course you wish to sing a solo! You will never be made to sing alone.

Q Do I have to audition?
A No auditions for Voice to Voice Choir.

Q Will I be too old/young?
A Not at all. We have such a huge variety of ages at Voice to Voice. Everybody is welcome.