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Sing Yourself Healthy!

Sing Yourself Healthy!

Sing Yourself to Better Health!

 Excellent work out for the heart! Improves blood pressure! When singing in a group of people, heart beats synchronise and raise. This helps regulate and lower blood pressure. Almost as beneficial as a Zumba class or a swim.


Singing releases feel good happy hormones into the brain producing an overall therapeutic feeling of well being. Singing and learning to do something new boosts our confidence and self esteem which in turn has a positive effect on our day to day life. Singing has been proven to be beneficial in people with anxiety and depression related symptoms.

Improves breathing!

Learning to breath correctly and more deeply has numerous bonuses for our bodies. More oxygen increases blood flow. Lungs tend to be healthier when working to their full capacity cutting down on respiratory problems and helping to dispel germs and bacteria.

Stimulates brain function!

Singing and learning songs is a workout for the brain. This improves memory and concentration. As we age it's especially important to keep our brains active and engaging in new challenges.

Have Fun!

Most importantly! Being in a choir is enormous fun when you find the right one and let's face it we all could do with more fun in our lives! Meeting new people, being part of a team and socialising in a warm friendly environment...what could be better than that!